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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Life in soft focus

Half way through half term, and I have been very lazy.

Lying in, staying in my PJs, cobbling meals together out of whatever's in the freezer, letting the kids go feral... It's great!

Yesterday, I managed to drag myself, Seldom Seen Kid and Littlest away from the TV/iPad/Xbox/PC and out into the sunshine.

I found these leopard print creepers in a charity shop, and though they aren't my usual style of footwear, I couldn't resist - and they are very comfortable on my developing bunion.

It's all about the glamour.

It was one of those bright, sunny but chilly days, with signs of Spring, blue skies, and gambolling lambs kids.

Littlest fell over and grazed her cheek, hence the red patch on her face. Her condition  means her skin is fragile and tears easily, she is forever in First Aid at school and I have become adept at bandaging and dressings (she can't have anything adhesive as it rips her skin, so no plasters.) 
That girl is high maintenance...

The building the kids are running around in front of is an old Victorian school situated at the end of our road, now converted into a  mosque.

The seating area, grass bank, and woodland garden have all been developed and maintained by a local development organisation.

Black dress and long sleeved top - retail, ancient
1960s scarf - jumble sale
Leggings and 1960s vinyl bag - Ebay
Shoes, sunglasses and bangles - charity shopped

We were on a mission to the Post Office, a charity shop, a cafe, and the camera shop, to see if they could advise me about my badly-behaving camera.

Imagine my a) delight and b) chagrin to be told I had the wrong batteries in it...
They weren't powerful enough, apparently.
I thought all AA batteries were the same. I am an idiot, clearly.

The nice man was good enough to sell me some decent batteries and not laugh out loud at me, and to wait until I left the shop before he rolled his eyes.

And after that - new tripod, super-duper batteries and all - I managed to take today's photos with the camera on the wrong setting so they are all scuzzy and grainy, like old Polaroid shots.

I rather like it, I'm in soft focus.
And look, someone appears to have inflated my tits with a bicycle pump while I wasn't looking.
Nice knockers!
(Thanks to Clare for the reminder of that sadly underused word.)

1960s Debroyal maxi skirt - The Queen's Drawers, vintage fair
T-shirt - retail, at least 13 years old
Cardigan, shoes, tights and bangles - charity shop
Sassy Vamp headdress - gift from the acrobatic Desiree

I have been slightly less lazy today, and spent hours going though the kids' clothes, making piles to pass on/donate to our jumble sale/make into dusters because they are trashed.

I have tidied toys and books, moved furniture, rationalised cuddlies, and chucked out a load of broken old crap.
With several breaks, of course.
For lunch, lots of cups of tea, photos, chatting to the kids, fussing the cats, singing along loudly to the radio, etc.

Doesn't everyone wear a headdress to do domestic chores?
They should.

Brooch - gift from Super Freak Sarah
Short blue necklace - charity shopped
Longer blue beads - my mum's (I think I pinched them, had them for years) 

I suppose I'll have to put the camera on the proper setting for my next set of pics, but for today, I'm enjoying the fuzzy benefits of soft focus.

How are you doing this week?
Sharp, focused and definite? 
Or dreamy, floaty and a bit aimless?